Halloween Décor

Hey friends! Hope your having a great week!  It’s been crazy over here.  This is one of those weeks where there is something every night!  2 of those events were trunk or treats and way too much candy was involved. The amount of candy for 4 kids is insane.  They know they pick their favorites (20 each) and can have 1 piece a day. I will donate the rest because no one needs all that candy. Honesty, my kids forget about the candy after Halloween.   We love Halloween and I have a love of decorating for the holidays. My décor starts at the front door with a fresh new door mat for Fall. I bought this at Target.   Karl loves Halloween too and usually buys something new each year to add to the collection. Last year he made the Stranger Things wall to add to our collection.   Have you seen Stranger Things? You all went nuts over his DIY wall on Facebook.  It took him a while to plan out and execute, as you can see from the back of it,  but it turned out pretty awesome! 


Our house is not over board on Halloween decor (well it may be to some LOL!) but I love all the little touches on the walls, banisters, bowl fillers and the animated décor.  One of my most favorite things is the animated ghost.  We have had it since the kids were little.  They use to be afraid of it when it moved and made noise and would call it the ‘GOKE’ when they were little,   When I tell them  what they used to call the ghost they get a chuckle out of it and will still call it the ‘GOKE’.  It’s those moments when I don’t want them to grow up.  A lot of our Halloween décor comes from Target or the Dollar Tree – yes the Dollar Tree! They have a lot of great holiday items for only, you guessed it…. a dollar!  You don’t need to spend a lot of money on decorating for the holidays but you can certainly look like you do.  Check out the Dollar tree next time you need décor. Don’t judge, but as soon as Halloween is put away I start Christmas! It’s already in the stores so why not?


 Do you decorate for Halloween?




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