Easy closet update

Happy Monday friends! Hope your weekend was grand! We went to the lake for literally 24 hours because we won’t be back until Thanksgiving due to kids activities and other obligations. We needed to pull a few plugs on the boat so when the first freeze happens we won’t have an issue next Spring. I have been wanting to tackle our bedroom closet at the lake for the last few years. Yes, I said years🙄 Sometimes things just get put on the back burner if it’s not urgent. Does that happen to you? We do keep some clothing there but Karl and I usually end up bringing a small bag every time. It’s a small bag we always have packed for the lake so it takes 5 min to throw a few things in. This closet has been a ‘catch all’ of stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere and that ‘stuff’ is all our camping gear, some holiday decor, and just ‘extra stuff’.

When we arrived we started with measuring the closet and headed over to Home Depot to start looking for shelving.

There was a lot to choose from. We thought we would use both wire and wood shelving. So we started pulling all the hardware, supports, and shelves.

We then looked at each other and thought ‘this is going to take us forever’ 😂 because all over the lake house there are bead board walls. While I love the look of it, it’s also a bear to put a nail through. Karl comes up with another idea. Why don’t we use a basic metal ‘garage shelving’ unit?’ It’ll serve the purpose, look nice, and take 15 minutes to put together. This system fit the measurements perfectly. We brought it home and Karl started putting it together and I pulled everything out. Once again, I did my purging system of: KEEP – DONATE – TOSS so nothing went back in that would take up space that we wouldn’t use. I’m a big believer in if you don’t need it or won’t ever use it, get rid of it.

There wasn’t much to get rid of since I had just cleaned out the closet this summer.

And here is the end result! So much more room, the space is more efficient and ‘stuff’ is easier to find.

And with all the time we saved by not having to cut and install shelves to fit the closet, we went to Uncle Shucks with the family for a perfect Fall day!

I’d call this project checked off the list and super simple! What areas of your home have been bothering you to organize?



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