I found a ‘Keto’ Bread!

Happy Friday friends!  We made it to the end of the week and I have a deal for you!

Read to the end for a coupon code for 15% off your order!

As you may know, I have been living the Keto lifestyle for over a year. Go here to read my story Fran’s Keto Journey. Keto has made me feel so much better.  I have more clarity, no more brain fog, and so much energy! As I write this at 10:45 pm I have been up since 4:30 am (5 am CF class today) and I am not exhausted after a full day.  When I embarked on this lifestyle all grains were eliminated.  No rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and BREAD.  I have not had bread for a year (not kidding) until last week when I tried this bread from Fox Hill Kitchens! A friend of mine tagged me on one of their posts on Instagram. I clicked on the website and placed an order.  I bought both the bagels and the small buns and let me tell you, they are absolutely delicious!  In the past when I would see ‘healthier’ versions of bread that meant no grain, dairy, sugar, soy FREE I would instantly think, it would have no taste what so ever.  I am Italian and grew up in a family of bread bakers with my grandfather owning a bakery in Cleveland, Ohio so I know good bread.  When I gave up bread starting Keto, I did miss it.  But I learned to live without it and honestly haven’t craved it.  Fox Hill Kitchens has small and large buns, double sided Everything bagels, croutons, and rolls.  I bought the small buns and bagels on my first order.

I did a LIVE last week on FB when they arrived and showed you the ‘Everything’ bagels.  I had mashed up avocado and mixed it up with a hard-boiled egg and a little mayo.  This week I made a turkey and avocado sandwich with veggies. So good! And I felt so good after eating it. No bloat at all, no blood sugar spike, and very filling.  The carb content for the bagels is 10 grams but there is 7 grams of fiber so you back out the fiber and it is 3 NET carbs per bagel. And for the buns its 7 grams of carbs minus 5 grams of fiber so 2 NET carbs.


Fox Hill Kitchens has a great website with information about the company, their products and information on the paleo, ketogenic, and low carb lifestyles. Click here for more information Fox Hill Kitchens  Fox Hill Kitchens has given me a coupon code to share with you!  My lucky readers get 15% off your order! Use code busyfitmomlife at check out!


I hope you try this delicious bread!  You will love it!!



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