Apple Air Pods


Hey Friends!  Happy Wednesday!  Today I have my own review on Apple Air Pods from a ‘not so techy’ person… that ‘not so techy’ person would be me 🙂  Why have I not heard of these Air Pods before? I have heard of so many other ‘hands free’ options but leave it to Apple to have their ‘own’ product. 

Karl comes homes with an ‘anniversary’ gift for me 2 weeks ago.  I am not a material person and don’t expect gifts for any type of celebration let alone our wedding anniversary.  I like to give gifts instead of get gifts.  Karl always insists on getting me something and it is usually something I won’t buy for myself, like my Apple watch 2 years ago,  because I didn’t think I needed an Apple watch but when I had the watch and used it, I loved it.  So he brought these Air Pods home.  My first thought was “I have never liked Apples ear phones because they fall out of my ears and hurt”.  But he said these were different and that I should try them.  I had 14 days to make a decision.  So I put them to work.  I wore them all day for 3 straight days.  This is what I did to give them a major workout:

  • I cut the grass
  • I weeded the yard
  • I raked the yard
  • I planted mums
  • I listened to my favorite podcasts, asking Siri to turn them  on for me
  • I listened to music, asking Siri turned to turn the music on for me
  • I was hands free in the car and the sound quality is stellar!
  • I asked Siri to read my texts 
  • I asked Siri to respond to my texts
  • I asked Siri to make phone calls from my contacts
  • I asked Siri for directions
  • I asked Siri to look up recipes, keto of course
  • I cooked dinner 
  • I did laundry
  • I cleaned my house
  • I ran errands
  • I asked Siri to cook my kids dinner. I really did but she told me she couldn’t do that LOL!  

I am sure these air pods and Siri can do a whole lot more but I need to figure that out. One thing I don’t see myself doing is going for a run in them.  I feel they would fall out and I wouldn’t be able to find them.   Honestly, I couldn’t find anything wrong with them except for the left side kept falling out and they hurt in the beginning because I was not used to them.   After troubleshooting them for my ears, I figured out how to keep them in  and they don’t hurt anymore.  They come in this little case that is actually a charger so when they run out of battery charge you put them in here and they will charge.  

What I found was I was efficient being able to do “all the things”,   I was not tied to my phone and I could tell Siri what I needed her to do.   Thank you to everyone that responded to my Facebook post when I asked if you liked them.  The majority of you said they are awesome and to KEEP them.  So guess what?   I am hooked and keeping them!  Karl bought these at the Apple store but Amazon has them here Amazon  and here is a link for more information  apple air pods


How do you do hands free?







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