22 years ago there was a Big Fat Italian Wedding

Did you know that I did not like Karl when we first met? He was annoying. Like REALLY annoying!  But he grew on me.  We met back in college in 1988 at Kent State University. We both worked at the Campus Bus Service.  We loved that job.   He drove a bus and I worked in the marketing department. Fast forward to 2018… 3 houses, 10 cars, 4 kids, a lake house, and several animals later, we are still together going through life.  We have been through a lot in 22 plus years.  Many ups,  many downs and a whole lot of laughter,  but I can’t imagine all of the CHAOS we have been through with anyone else.  He is my best friend, the best husband, the best father and will work his ass off to provide for our family of 6 as hard as he can.  I love you to the moon and back Karl!  Here is to 22 plus more years of non-stop Fun and ‘Fuckery’ ahead! I think we need to re-live ‘Our Big Fat Italian Wedding’ again.



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