Diva Room Refresh


Howdy friends! Hope you are having a great week!  Did you know I LOVE a project? There are some projects I would rather pick up the phone (have one right now)  and hire it out but if I can do it myself I certainly will.  I love scoping out Goodwill and making something old, new again.   I ‘heart’ a good DIY project.  Reese and I had been talking about giving her room a refresh and worked on this project last March.  I remember vividly 10 years ago when Karl and I painted her nursery.  Bright pink Pepto bismal LOL!  #whatwasithinking  But we were having a girl and that room was going to be PINK.  This room has evolved over the years but it has always remained Pepto Pink.  As soon as she was out of the crib – before she was 2 years old because we needed the crib for the twins – we went to a big girl bed and I started taking the ‘baby’ out of the room.  Fast forward 8 years and we now have a 10 year old that wanted an update. I love good DIY so we started the process.  First we went to Target to pick out bedding and based our wall color off the comforter.  We took the comforter to Sherwin Williams (my favorite paint) and grabbed a few color chips.  We took them home and 5 minutes later she decided on Tantalizing Teal.   We kept the furniture, curtains, and most décor but I had an idea for a gallery wall and Reese was on board with it.  If you have been in my house you know I love gallery walls. 

Like with any project, we start cleaning out the room.  Like a major purge. Why do kids have SO much stuff? I mean, how many stuffed animals can one child have?  We had 3 bins:  TRASH, DONATE, KEEP to keep us organized.  If it were me doing this?  I would have really donated, but since it was her room, she needed to do it with my help.  It took a few hours (done in increments of time) but we got it done.  I have to say I was sad to see the Barbie dolls go,  but I insisted on keeping the very expensive Cinderella doll (there is a story here – #ihadtobribeher) and Jessie from Toy Story because Toy Story is my favorite Disney movie and I cried like a baby at the last one when Andy went to college #stoptheclock 

Cleaning out the ‘stuff’
starting to paint
I love to ‘edge’! It’s therapy for me!

When I do a project, I work pretty quickly because I just want it done to move on to the next one.  I painted that room in increments of time, but all in all, I had it done in a week.  After the painting was done I gave it a good cleaning and hit the stores for décor to bring home for Reese to pick for the finishing touches.  I went to my favorite home stores – Target, Home Goods and TJ Max but also found another great store for kids room décor – 5 Below!!  I seriously hit the jackpot there for very little money and most of her gallery wall was complete.  My DIY projects in her room were painting her room, painting her desk chair, and putting a mini chandelier in her closet since she didn’t have a light in there.  I bought a mini chandelier from IKEA years ago but never had a place for it.  I just liked it.  Have you ever done that?  I was able to get this one done quickly, with some DIY, and kept it low cost.  And one project leads to another…  I ended up giving the boys and Riley a room refresh too but it didn’t involve paint.  Riley upgraded to new sheets, curtains, a new desk and a gallery wall and the twins upgraded to new sheets, comforters, and a new carpet ($29 score at Target) Anyone else like the Target end cap deals?  I walk by them in home décor and organization every time I am at Target.  After a week of work the end result is this and Reese could not be happier!


Do you like to DIY and Refresh areas in your home? Drop me a comment! I would love to hear from you!

Until next time….

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