Thank you FB friends! – I needed that push!

Remember when I posted a few weeks back and asked if I started this blog again on a regular basis would you all read it, subscribe to it or even follow me?  Well you said Yes! Go for it!  So I got my MoJo back but I also want to thank…  #rachelhollis

If you haven’t read “Girl, Wash your Face” by Rachel Hollis, I highly recommend it.  Now you’re wondering “When do you have time to read?”  Well, I don’t…  I ‘read’ on audible! I listen while I drive, when I am home cleaning, working, organizing or doing a DIY project.    We have Sono’s speakers at home so I can stream on all the speakers and not miss a word.  That’s how I ‘read’ LOL!   Rachel does a great job of telling her story on her career, family, relationships, being a mom, friends, etc.  I pretty much resonated with EVERY chapter.  Bottom line, you cannot DO or be GOOD at EVERYTHING! You must prioritize and make a list on a daily basis that is manageable for YOUR goals whatever that may be for YOU and not someone else. Most moms beat themselves up if something doesn’t get done because there’s not enough time in the day or because they can’t keep up with other moms.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  You are YOU and you must do YOU and your life.  As women, we tend to forget about ourselves all.the.time. It is always the kids, work, husband, friends, taking care of the house, finances, laundry, kids, kids, kids, did I say kids? And if you don’t have kids, this book still pertains to everyone as we all have goals and priorities whether we are a parent or not.   


Until last year when I entered my 50s, that is how I rolled. I worried about what other people thought,  I put everybody before me because being a mom that’s what we do.  I needed to have the energy to be there for my family and I needed to focus on me.  I was struggling through early menopause (peri) and didn’t like the way I felt.  My kids are young and I wanted to be there for them.  I embarked on the Keto lifestyle (I will get into a blog post about Keto later) and upped my CrossFit membership to unlimited.  It was the best thing I had ever done for ‘myself’.  Exercise is my happy place and if Mom doesn’t exercise or eat right, she is not happy.   The menopause weight started coming off, I was feeling so much better. I am almost a year of living the Keto lifestyle and loving it! I feel better now than I did in my younger years – who am I kidding…  I am still young!   I can keep up with my kids and I have more energy that I know what to do with.  Thank you Rachel for this book to ‘listen’ to.  Thank you for the motivation to start up this blog AGAIN,  that it is ok to take care of yourself, to say NO, not worry what other people think,  and not feel guilty about saying NO!   

So I think this is the 5th time I have tried to start this little blog again.  I have now prioritized it in my week and I have added a FB page called….  wait for it…  ‘Busy Fit Mom Life’ . It’s tied to my Busy Fit Mom FB group I have had for a few years.    I would love for you to like my new FB page  and follow along for all the things I love:  family, being a mom, being a wife, fitness, lifestyle, health, wellness, DIY, volunteering and helping others.  

Until next time…



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