For 6 weeks in the Fall and Spring, Riley plays t- ball for North Metro Miracle League He hasn't missed a season since he was 7 years old. It is my happy place for those 6 weeks on Saturday mornings. I get to see him do an activity he loves and get to chat [...]

Riley throws his shirt out of a moving car

On Tuesdays after school Riley has private therapy.  He literally comes home, unloads his backpack gathers his ‘stuff’ (I’ll get to that in a minute), snack, and communication device. I load the whole crew into the car to drop him off at therapy.   Now if you know Riley you know how hard it is to [...]

Meal Planning for 6

I get asked this question a lot with having a large family.  How do I plan and cook for all these people?  Yes, it is a major chore but I have it down to a science.  Every Saturday, I figure out what is happening the week ahead and plan out our meals.  I keep it [...]

Diva Room Refresh

Howdy friends! Hope you are having a great week!  Did you know I LOVE a project? There are some projects I would rather pick up the phone (have one right now)  and hire it out but if I can do it myself I certainly will.  I love scoping out Goodwill and making something old, new [...]

Thank you FB friends! – I needed that push!

Thank you FB friends! – I needed that push!

Remember when I posted a few weeks back and asked if I started this blog again on a regular basis would you all read it, subscribe to it or even follow me?  Well you said Yes! Go for it!  So I got my MoJo back but I also want to thank...  #rachelhollis If you haven’t [...]