Rissland Beach Vacay 2018

Hey friends!  I am back from a week at the beach with the family.  We love to spend time in Venice, Florida with my parents.  My parents retired there 10+ years ago.  As a child, we vacationed in Sarasota, Florida every summer.  My grandparents (my moms parents) were snowbirds…  6 months in Cleveland and 6 months in Sarasota.  I have many fond memories of visiting them.  Back in the early 90s my uncle bought a condo at a place in Venice (Quarterdeck Condo’s) about 30 minutes south of Sarasota that my parents started staying at after my grandparents passed away.  They would visit every year and we started going there for vacations.  When my parents retired they decided to call Venice home, so we have been going there ever since.  We love it there because it is a no frills kind of place.  Condo’s are equipped with everything you need and the beach and pool are right there.  There is one thing I dread when we arrive, I am not going to lie…  It’s going to the grocery store when we get there.   You can only imagine the groceries with 4 kids.  This summer I signed up with Instacart to have groceries delivered.  Summer is mayhem around here with the kids home and it is just easier to order on an app from the stores I frequent and have it all delivered at the time I specify, right to my door.   I signed up for the $15 monthly membership for unlimited deliveries and I can tell you it has saved us money!  I usually go to the store 3-4 days a week but I haven’t since I started using this service and there isn’t any impulse buying at all because I just get what I need.  Plus not having to take 4 kids (and a husband) to a grocery store is a bonus.  I have used Instacart for Publix and Aldi but they also do Costco and Petco.   Before we left I checked to see if Instacart was available in Venice. I was thrilled it was AND they also deliver Alcohol – double bonus!!   All you have to do is change the zip code and it will pull up all the stores in the area.  I was able to plan out our meals before we left (well, on the way down) and order everything I needed.  If you want to try Instacart and get FREE delivery, let me know and I will send you a link/code.  I promise you’ll love it and it will save you $$$$!! I also hear Shipt is a great service and I plan on trying that service in the near future. Besides getting ice cream, we did eat dinner out once at our favorite Venice hang out, Sharkey’s.  It’s a Venice landmark and the kids love walking on the jetty.  Fun place for all ages!

Karl bought a paddle board before we left, because, well, we needed one right LOL???  We were going to take the kids paddle boarding in Venice for an outing, however, when we saw the cost per hour with our family of 6, it would have been as much as buying a paddle board and we knew we would use it at the lake. He got a great deal at Dicks sporting goods, so he strapped it on top of the car and we took it down.  The kids had an absolute blast as well as the big kids. We were literally on it all week.   

There was a lot of snorkeling, shelling, crab hunting and just enjoying the downtime at the beach. It was a nice way to unwind after summer swim team was over.  I am grateful for the time away, and making memories with my family.  Now back to laundry, cleaning, cooking,  and organizing chaos…

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