A trip down memory lane

Haven’t written in over a month but I felt the need to today. Today was a busy Saturday… Like it always is but a “Surreal” Saturday – A trip down Memory Lane. Let me explain,… It started out at 8 am with an amazing Special Olympics 5K hosted by the City of Johns Creek Police Department.  We have attended every year since it started.  Obviously for a great cause and one that is near and dear to us.  As usual, I hang out with Riley at the finish, while Karl run/walks with the boys and Reese.  Yes, we could make Riley walk but I pick my battles and we many not finish until 4:30 if he did walk! LOL!   #colinlooksthrilled #thereisalwaysoneNOThappy





Next up was Riley’s first adapted T-ball game of the Spring season.  This season is special because Reese is old enough to volunteer and be Riley’s ‘buddy’ on the field. Today he was also accompanied by his friend Jesse.  Jesse is a good friend of the family.  His Lionheart club picked the North Metro Miracle league to volunteer for today.  Riley was thrilled to have both Reese and Jesse on the field with him.


Lastly, we went to a reunion, but it wasn’t just any reunion and this is why I felt the need to write today.  The reunion was at the Emory Johns Creek Hospital.  It was the NICU reunion. Remember that story?  If you haven’t ever read that story then you need to read about that here: https://franrissland.wordpress.com/2009/08/  As I have said, We will never forget that night… EVER.  Those nurses and doctors will never forget that night EVER either! LOL! I was told today by the nurses that took care of our boys, that the Rissland’s still hold the title of craziest birth at EJCH.  These ladies will always have our hearts as they literally saved Chance – hence the reason he was named Chance as he got a 2nd ‘Chance’ 🙂   It was so good to see them today and for the boys to meet them and understand what happened the night of August 17-18th.


With Lynn, the boys ‘day’ nurse


With Karen, the boys ‘night’ nurse


I pretty much had a ‘Happy’ emotional Saturday,  tearing up several times….  with Riley starting our “party of 6” 14 years ago while attending the JCPD Special Olympics 5K,  Reese being old enough to be Riley’s ‘buddy’ on the T-ball field,  to an 8 year NICU reunion for the twins that completed our family of 6!

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