I’m back! Again….

I know it has been a while but I think 3rd time is a charm, really I do.  I am not a quitter by any means and my family and friends know that about me, but life gets in the way – It’s called reality!  And we all experience it on a daily basis.  I am going to change things up a bit and not only write about our crazy, chaotic life with a special needs teen, a Diva, twins boys and a BIG kid,  but I am also going to write about staying fit and fitting it into your day, staying sane, eating right, how I organize my day, products I like and use,  and all things family.  I am an open book and love sharing things that have helped me and our family in hopes that it helps you.   I am by no means an expert on anything and don’t claim to be one.  I mess up, make mistakes, I may not give the advice you want to hear or agree with and it is never my way or the highway.  I love being given advice too.  My hope is always to HELP someone because at the end of the day my passion is my family, my friends, helping others, and giving back!

Oh, and I changed the blog name to Busy Fit Mom Life! Because it fits perfectly!  My starting goal? Blog at least once a week.  If I have a goal I will attain it, if I don’t then it won’t happen. You feel the same way?

So lets get this party started …. again!

XO, Fran

Until next time… you can follow me on these Social platforms:

IG – BusyFitMomLife

FB – Francesca Rissland

Twitter – BusyFitMomLife




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