Reese Adele



Most of you know how this blog got started, but maybe you don’t. I started this blog in August of 2009 when the twins were born.  The events of that night will always be unforgettable because they are very scary, quite ridiculous and hysterical.  But I will let you read that right here.

When Riley graduated from elementary school back in May 2016 I told the story of his arrival.  Not as hilarious as the boys but a story I had been wanting to tell for some time and finally did when he hit a milestone we were so freaking proud of #graduating5thgrade

Reese was a different scenario… Insert Christmas holiday, big Italian family, a lot of food and alcohol and me driving myself to the hospital.  Yep, that is not a mis-print.  You read it right.

My parents were in for the holidays and for the arrival of Reese as she was scheduled for a c-section the following week.  The morning of December 30th went like every Saturday morning went during that time.  I got up to teach my 9:45 am step/sculpt class at LA Fitness.   Riley and I got ready (he loved the kids club) and off we went.  I was a little more tired than usual but then again I was 37 weeks pregnant. Yes! I was still teaching and working out at that time because I could (doctor approved) but started to slow down several weeks prior.  Class started like any other class and as I was teaching to a class of 50+ people I noticed I was not feeling ‘myself’ and got incredibly fatigued.  Still teaching and cueing my students,  I went to the back of the room and sat on the storage boxes, but kept teaching.  Nothing hurt at all, I was just very winded. I finished the rest of the class sitting down.  When you have been teaching as long as I have you can teach with your eyes closed. 

LOOKING TO BUY: Plastic Bubbles for the Rissland kids so they don’t get sick anymore!

After class, the members approached me asking if I was ok.  I reassured them I was ok just tired.  As I was on my way out I was starving so I stopped at the smoothie bar in the club.  I had always wanted the peanut butter and jelly protein smoothie but never got it because I don’t like to drink a lot of calories.  At that point, I didn’t care but needed something.  OMG!!!!  The best smoothie ever!  Riley even enjoyed it.

LOOKING TO BUY: Plastic Bubbles for the Rissland kids so they don’t get sick anymore!


When we got home I took a shower and just chilled (so not like me – I should have known then)!  That afternoon we had planned to get all the holiday décor down before Reese was supposed to arrive a week or so later.  So with the help of my parents we took all the décor down.   I remember Karl and I went to Home Depot to get something and as I was walking through the store I had to sit down (once again, so not like me) and started feeling sick to my stomach.  After a few minutes I got up, we checked out and went home.  Once I got home I felt a bit better. My mother was preparing dinner and the party started.  It is always a party with my family and plus it was the holidays.  Everyone started drinking except for me of course.  We sat down to dinner and everyone was still partying, having a great time. About 30 minutes later I stood up and felt a gush. I have never felt a gush like that before.   I thought “Did I pee myself?”  What in the hell just happened???   I didn’t say anything and went upstairs to our bathroom to assess the situation.  It was not pee.  It was something other than pee.  I called Karl up and told him what happened.   We decided to call the doctor and not tell my parents until we knew what the doctor wanted us to do.  After that phone call, Dr. D said that my water probably broke and I should start heading down to Northside.  Not urgent just get down there.  Well guess what?  Everyone was drunk but me.  So guess who drove herself down to Northside at 38 weeks pregnant, with water ‘broke’ and 2 drunk people in the car?  That would be me.  The ride down was quite comical.  My mother and Karl were laughing and I was starting to feel, well, pain.  The ride down was long even at 8 pm at night with 2 drunk people (I am smiling and laughing as I type this but honest to god truth!)


We arrive and yes, I had to park the car myself.  We head into the womens center and are greeted by the nurses. Told them the situation though they already knew as Dr. D had called ahead for us.  At this point I was starting to feel cramps and a gush again.  They put me in a triage room and started with the paperwork. Dr. D calls again.  He asks me when was the last time I ate something..  Hmmm…  do I lie or tell the truth because I know where this is going.  Of course I told the truth…. About 2 hours ago I said.  I was scheduled for  C-section a week later.  So since I ate I had to wait 8  hours for him to do a c-section.  He said he would call me back at the hospital in a few hours, let the nurses do their thing, and we will assess the situation around 1 am.  The nurse gave me a sleeping pill and said “honey, you are going to have to wait this out so try to get some sleep”.  Wait what out? I never made it through the entire birthing class regarding breathing and contractions. So my question to the nurse was “So if I have contractions will I feel them with the sleeping pill”? (I have never had a sleeping pill) She looked at me and said “Oh yes, honey, you will.  Hmm… I fall asleep, not sure how long but woke up in so much pain I couldn’t see straight.  Remember, I did not get to the part of the birthing classes about breathing through contractions before I had Riley.  This pain goes on for a while and Karl is trying to help me. I am connected to all kinds of wires, IVs, etc. and wasn’t allowed to get out of bed.  I had to pee really bad but the nurse wouldn’t let me.  As soon as she left the room I had karl grab the IV and take me to the bathroom.  Nurse comes back in and is not happy with me and comes running to the bathroom and quickly gets me back in bed.  I think she was afraid I was going to ‘birth’ Reese in the toilet.  At this point I am just miserable as they couldn’t give me anything since I had eaten. 2:30 am rolls around and Dr. D. calls.  He talks to me briefly and says “I think you are ready”.  Get here STAT I told him. Within the hour I was prepped, drugged up, numbed and Reese Adele was born at 3:51 am at  6 lbs 9 oz!  A healthy beautiful baby girl.  20170115_161004540_ios

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