That time we met our deductible… In February

Greetings!  It has been a crazy February and it’s not even over yet! Every year around this time we get sick…like everyone but me because somebody has to take care of everybody and if I did get sick, I would not get any downtime so I just keep going (I bet a lot of you are shaking your heads right now thinking the same thing).  So we had a rather large weekend of family fun the last weekend of January.  My parents, brother, and sister in law Stephanie flew in from Florida and my father in law came down from Ohio to celebrate Unc’s 70th birthday and Riley’s 12th birthday. We had a complete blast!  Unc knew we were going out that Saturday night but had no idea everyone was coming in to surprise him.  We had dinner at the Vortex (best burgers in the ATL) enjoyed the bout at the Atlanta Roller Derby cheering Laura on, and finished the festivities at the Clermont Lounge. Yes, we took our parents to the Clermont Lounge.  Do not judge.  Our family is awesome and is usually up for anything but then again, they had no choice LOL!  That Sunday we celebrated Riley’s 12th birthday! Cannot believe he is 12! Their birthdays are both on February 5th but we celebrated a week early since I was heading to Tampa for the It Works annual conference during their birthdays.

WP_20160130_022 1



The afternoon of Riley’s party, Reese was not feeling good saying her stomach was very upset and painful.  I gave her some kids pepto.  It helped but she started complaining and doubling over a few hours later so we jumped in the car and headed south to the ER at CHOA. It was Sunday evening after all…. 5 hours later after being poked, prodded and x-rayed, we left at midnight with a script for Zofran because 8 year olds cannot tell the difference between gas pain and appendicitis.  I think that evening started the next 18 days of crazy because every day since then I had someone home sick.  We have had fevers, vomiting, runny noses, headaches, coughing (thank god no wheezing with our asthma boys!) and other bodily fluids.  We did not test them but I be it was the flu, even though they had flu shots.   I at least got away for 3 days for conference for my birthday weekend (which was a complete blast!) but then came home to boys getting the flu and being out that entire week and then Riley getting the flu followed by Rosann.  She has been living with us the last 3 months due to an issue at our lake house (that is another post in itself – I told you I have lots of material! J)  On top of all this, I ended up with Reese at the CHOA urgent care due to a tumbling injury.  Thank goodness just a sprain and not broken. No tumbling for a few days. And yes…  I already received the bill from the Emergency room visit…  #deductiblemet #alwaysanadventure #neveradullmoment


Until next time…

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