Do you live like this?

Ah yes, that question was asked to me by a 7 year old just the other day. I tried so hard NOT to laugh but I just couldn’t help myself. Over the Labor Day weekend we had Dave and Dee and their kids over for an afternoon of catching up with them and Richard.  Richard is our dear friend from Ohio who came to visit.  Karl, Dave and Richard have know each other since high school.   There was one point where all 4 of my kids were crying at the same time (nothing new for me or Karl as SOMEONE is always crying at our house). Their 7 year daughter looks at me (due to all the crying) and says “Do you live like this?” Dee and I about fell on the floor laughing.  Too funny! It has been a very long time since I have posted so let me bring you up to date with what has been going on at the Risslands ‘in pictures’ since I posted many months ago.

Abuela (Karl’s mom) came in March and stayed with us for about 3 months. Yes, 3 months, but it was very much appreciated and she was a big help! While she was here we visited:

The Duluth Train museum

Riley played T-ball with North Metro Miracle League

We visited Catch Air numerous times

And Kangazoom

The INK Childrens Museum in Gainesville

Celebrated Karl’s Birthday

Roswell Splash Park

Swam at least 3 times a week

Reese (3.5 years old) learned to swim and jump off the diving board. She has no fear.

Reese started horseback lessons while Riley had his Hippotherapy sessions

Karl and Fran decided to have a little fun with Reese’s Ken doll

(still thinking about doing a facebook page for Ken)

We spent the 4th of July at the beach in Venice, Florida

Chance decided he could get what he wants by moving chairs around the house

Visited the Imagine It! Childrens Museum in downtown Atlanta

The boys celebrated their 2nd Birthday

Richard (aka Richie Rich, Uncle Rich or as Reese called him “Daddy’s cousin”) visited

The Zoo with Reese’s preschool friends

And last but not least, Karl and I went to Seattle for an extra long weekend to celebrate our 15 year anniversary.

It has been crazy,  tiring,  comical, and non-stop but most of all a lot of fun!

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