October–Our Favorite month of the Year!


I always find myself thinking back to a year ago and how far we have come.  There were so many things we could not do last year as a family as we had to have sitters watch the boys but this year has been so wonderful being able to do everything together.   Halloween is always a fun time around here.  We pulled out the Halloween décor in late September.  R&R were so excited with all the decorations that they refused to eat dinner the night I brought them out.  We have a motion ghost that Karl had rigged up in the foyer.  It moves back and forth and says boo whenever the kids scream at it.  Colin and Chance had figured it out too. They scream, it moves and moves and moves along with the ‘boo’ sound.  Yep, over the month it had been up I had changed batteries 4 times.

Life has been much easier now.  Boys are officially off  everything ‘baby’ – ie: formula, baby food, even infants Tylenol and Motrin.  It’s crazy to think that part of our life is over FOREVER.  They go everywhere with me now.  After I drop Reese off in the mornings at preschool we hit the gym, run errands and stop home for lunch before we have to go back and pick Reese up.  Their sleeping schedules are great taking a quick siesta in the morning before going down for a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  I have a feeling that morning siesta is going away soon which is good as they will be starting a 1 day a week Mother’s Morning Out in January… Wow, I will have 4 hours to myself with no kids one day a week!  What will I do with myself?


Riley enjoyed another Fall season at the North Metro Miracle League (NMML).  It is such a great organization that reaches out to special needs kids so they can play sports.  Here a few photos from some of the games this season.




I get a lot of questions about Riley’s hippotherapy sessions.  He has been riding a horse since he was 3 years old.  All hippotherapy simply means is therapy on a horse.  Hippotherapy uses the movement of the horse to integrate warming and stretching of the child’s muscles, stimulation of postural muscles, facilitation of body awareness, normalization of tone through rhythmical movement, sensory integration, and overall strengthening. Riley rides through a program called BEATS which is Bethany’s Equine & Aquatic Therapy Services. For more information visit: http://beats-inc.org/beats_programs.asp.  One last note on this:  I am convinced that the endless hours of physical therapy in addition to adding the hippotherapy to Riley’s weekly therapies made him walk at the age of 3.  These photos were just taken last week.  As I mentioned he has been riding for 3 years now.  Riley is now 6 years old and still rides weekly.


Pulmonologist Follow-up Visit

We visited the pulmonologist again.  Doc said the boys look great and we received gold stars!  I am going to keep up with the saline rinse daily (they really hate it but it really helps with all that mucous crap), nasonex and or course the asthma meds.  At this point they have only had a virus that Reese started but that is it.  I know it is the beginning of the worst part of the year for being sick but I have my fingers crossed.  We also were approved for another round of synergist injections for RSV.  If you recall we had a nurse come to the house last RSV season (runs Oct – March) to give them shots. This year we will go to the pulmonologist office for the shots every 28-32 days through the season.  I hate for them to go through these shots again but better than being in the hospital with RSV.

Disney on Ice

We took R&R to see Toy Story 3 on Ice.  They had an absolute ball seeing Woody and all his friends skate on the ice and fly through the air at the Phillips Arena.  We had dinner at Dantanna’s right before the show.  We haven’t been out to dinner with just 2 kids in a long time so it wasn’t too crazy.  All in all they both behaved pretty well, well except when I took Reese to the restroom with me during the shows intermission.  The restrooms were busy with lines (always a line in the women’s restroom. As I was in the stall she decides to crawl under the stall and bee line out of the restroom.  So here I am trying to ‘finish’ and run after her. Thank goodness someone stopped her before she made it out…  good times.  Thanks to Frankie and Erin for watching the boys.  They were too little to go and it would have been a struggle.  But Karl and I could not believe how many small, like possibly weeks or month old babies were there.  I am not judging, but seriously?  I wonder how many of those babies are sick right now?







Pumpkin Patch

What a great time!  We started at the Waffle house that morning at 9 am.  Party of 6 all fit around a booth.  Wish I had the camera for that!  Our waiter was awesome and quickly started the waffles for the kids as we were walking in (I signaled to him to please get them started).  They all did very well and we were told they all behaved very well – Phew… I was a little worried.  After an artery clogging breakfast we headed up 400 to Uncle Shucks pumpkin patch.  The kids enjoyed feeding the goats (even the boys got into the action), a hayride, corn maze (for R&R) and picking out pumpkins. 


Microsoft Halloween Party

Every year Karl’s office does an afternoon Halloween party for the kids.  I had not taken the Cinderella costume out for Reese yet (I knew it would be in shreds by Halloween if I did).  Right before her nap that afternoon I pulled it out of her closet and her eyes were a mile wide.  I told her after her nap she could put it on.  After her nap she ran downstairs and starting screaming with excitement as I took it out of the bag.  We put everything on – costume, necklace, earrings, silver shoes, and wig.  She put everything on and said “Mommy, I am so happy!  Thank you!”  It was priceless!  We decided not to wear the wig to the Microsoft party in these photos.  Riley was a skeleton, he loved it! And the boys were little devils.  Everyone had a great time trick or treating through the offices, eating pizza and sugar (way too much sugar) afterwards.



What a fun Halloween weekend!  Karl’s dad and Margarita came to visit us from Ohio.  The weather was perfect and the kids totally enjoyed trick or treating.  The pre-party started down the street at a neighbors house.  We have such a great neighborhood and it seems like everyone was there.  Lots of fun, food and conversation.  After the pre-party we headed back up to our house, started a fire in the front yard and took Riley & Reese out to trick or treat while Grandma and Grandpa watched Colin and Chance and handed out candy.  It was so much fun watching Reese jump out of the wagon and run up to houses, knock on the door and say trick or treat.  She finally understands what Halloween is and keeps asking us if she can go trick or treating again every day.  Riley had a great time too following his sister and having just as much fun as she did.  We could kick ourselves for not bringing the flip video with us cause it was truly adorable to see them so excited!  After we returned they were wiped out and went to bed, it was of course a school night. 


Brew & BBQ to benefit the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation

I am hosting a fundraiser, with my friend Suzanne, for the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome foundation on November 13th here in Atlanta at the Sweetwater Brewery called Brew & BBQ.  Both Riley and Suzanne’s daughter have this very rare syndrome.  I have reached out to all of you about the fundraiser whether it be to attend or donate.  This is our 1st annual fundraiser here in the ATL and we want to make it a great success!  If you still would like to make a donation, donate a silent auction item or be an event sponsor the links are:

www.brewandbbq4cdls.com[Soft Break]Join us for brew and bbq to benefit the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation. All proceeds go to help children and families affected by CdLS. Tickets are $30 in advance/$35 at the door and includes beer sampling, souvenir pint glass, brewery tour, music, barbecue dinner and a chance to bid on some great silent auction items![Soft Break][Soft Break]GET YOUR TICKETS HERE: http://cdls.ticketbud.com/brewandbbq4cdls[Soft Break][Soft Break]Can’t make it to the event but want to donate to the Foundation? [Soft Break]Click here: www.firstgiving.com/brewandbbq4cdls [Soft Break][Soft Break]Learn more about CdLS at www.cdlsusa.org

If you have any other questions about the fundraiser, please let me know.  If you are attending, donated an auction item or made a donation – Thank you!

So we head to Disney at the end of the month for a few days and then off to my parent’s house in Florida for Thanksgiving. Last I heard the head count is up to 30 people for Thanksgiving.  That’s right, a traditional Turkey day, italiano style with lots of food, family and friends!  Cannot wait to see the kids’ faces when they see the Magic Kingdom for the first time!  I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

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