Sweat Test – Negative!

Where do I begin….  Well, lets start with the most important update.  Chance DOES NOT have Cystic Fibrosis.  Yippee!!!  I highly doubted he did but we had to rule it out.  We went in for the second sweat test and enough sweat was produced. I guess I should be lucky.  I found out that it sometimes takes 2 or more tests.  Phew… that’s over but I did learn a lot.  Of course when the doctor ordered the test she mentioned to me not to Google Cystic Fibrosis (sorry Karl, she didn’t say Bing)  but of course I looked it up.  Wouldn’t you look something up if it was mentioned about your child?  Brought back memories of when the Developmental Pediatrician told me that Riley had Cornelia de Lange Syndrome.  Of course I went home and looked it up.  I will never forget that day…  Anyways,  that afternoon after the sweat test I had an appointment scheduled for both the boys to see a Pulmonologist.  I wanted this test done before that visit so the doctor had the results as we would know what direction we needed to plan for.  I must say that visit was a great visit.  Our pediatrician has really been doing a great job managing the boys wheezing but since we tested for CF I felt strongly about getting a second opinion and a pulmonologist specializes in lungs.  This doctor was so wonderful.  She had the best bedside manner and told me what I have been wanting to hear since last November when all the wheezing, bronchilitis, nebulizers, blah, blah, blah started…  she told me that the boys WILL outgrow the wheezing but we just don’t know when and that it is all stemming from them being premature… Hallelujah!!!!!  The x-rays showed their lungs looked good and healthy.   That visit was actually perfect timing as the boys were coughing and wheezing just a little bit so that way she could see and hear their issues.  She put us on a new regime when there are first signs of coughing and a runny nose before it goes into wheezing.   The boys have to do a saline rinse.  She showed me how to do it on the boys.  If you have never done one before it is a little intimidating especially having to do it on someone else but boy does it work. I basically hold one of the boys over the sink, contain their arms and hands and squeeze the salty solution up their nose.  You should have seen all the gunk come out the other side.   Chance has no problem with it but Colin does not like it.  I feel so bad doing this but I know it is helping them.  She also has them on Nasonex (when they are sick) as well as a higher dose of the preventative/rescue meds. With this new regime it only took a couple of days to get them feeling better.  In the past this could be lingering for weeks. The true test will be during the winter months.  She also is going to order more RSV injections for the upcoming RSV season.  Even though the 1st year was bleak with them being sick she said the 2nd year will come in as a close second but not as bad…. Wonderful, can’t wait….  


What a wonderful getaway!  We had a great time with our friends Dave and Dee.  We went to the Sandals Royal Caribbean all inclusive in Montego Bay, Jamaica for 5 days.  Thanks to my mom, Vits and Karl’s mom for watching the kids.  They did a great job and the kids had a great time.  I was asked several times what my favorite part of the trip was and my answer? ‘Un-interrupted sleep!’ Yes, I am serious. Mornings were spent sleeping in (7:30 am is sleeping in for us), breakfast room service on our balcony with a view of the Caribbean and then heading out to the beach and pool for the day.  We ate and drank whatever and whenever we wanted, took a nap if we wanted and just did whatever. It truly was bliss!  I even got to start a book but have not picked it up once since we have been home, go figure.   The only exercise I did was a ½ hour aqua class though there were classes offered all week at the resort.  That was the last thing I wanted to do since I have been working my tush off the last several months to get the rest of the prego weight off (still have a little bit more weight to go).  So after the aqua class I swam right over to the swim up pool bar and ordered a rum punch. I needed to hydrate right?  It truly was a blast and just what Karl and I needed after the year we have had. 




The Christening

We returned from Jamaica on July 23rd and the next day we had the boys christened.  Since my parents and Karl’s mom were already here watching the kids we thought it would be a great time to christen the boys.  So we scheduled it for July 24th.   Karl’s dad and his family,  Karl’s sister and her family and my brother and sister-in-law all came in to celebrate with us.  The christening was at Unc and David’s house.  Since we knew it was going to be hot due to it being in July we decided to make it a pool party.  The reverend came to Unc’s house and did a beautiful ceremony for the boys.  Afterwards we all enjoyed a great lunch and jumped in the pool.   Funny how each child’s christening was so different.  Riley’s christening was a big extravagant affair at Maggiano’s, Reese’s christening was a dressy brunch luncheon at Unc’s (he and David have a great backyard and beautiful setting with a pool) and then the boys was very laid back (shorts, tanks, flip flops and bathing suits).  Didn’t matter what it was… Close family and friends were there and we celebrated in style!

Note: if you are wondering why one of the boys is in a diaper and one is not there is a very good reason:  The christening dress that you see is about 100 years old. It was passed down from Karl’s grandparents and worn by both Karl and his sister.  Riley, Reese and now the boys have all worn it for their christenings. So we did a clothing change during the ceremony.



Lake Lanier

Karl’s Dad, Margarita, Alex and Katelynn drove the boat down from Ohio for the Christening and stayed up at Lake Lanier.  The day after the christening all the boys and Reese went up to the lake and spent the morning on the boat.  They had such a blast that Karl took Monday off and took R & R back up for another morning of boating, sun, swimming, waterskiing, and fun!



So it was a busy July and in 2 days the boys will be 1 (August 18th).  Cannot believe how quickly their first year has gone by.  School also starts on August 23rd.  Karl and I are taking bets who will be sick first.  Will it be R&R or will they bring something home that will make the boys sick?  I think I am gonna keep a tally this year.

Stay tuned….

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