And the Title goes to…..

ME! For still being the only pregnant woman arriving via ambulance escort to the Emory Johns Creek Hospital with an umbilical cord hanging out of her vijayjay! Well it’s really not a title but I hope it never happens to anyone else, ever! May 1 was the annual preemie NICU reunion at the hospital the boys were born. We took the whole family and had a great time seeing everyone that took care of the boys for 6 weeks.  I cannot tell you how fabulous Emory Johns Creek Hospital is!  I was petrified to go somewhere I knew no one that night but it turned out to be a wonderful experience.  The nurses told me that no one will ever forget my grand entrance that night. As I said, I hope no one has to ever experience what I did.  Thank goodness I had already had kids.

Family Photo Shoot – Finally!

When we had Riley we took professional photos of him every 3 months because that is just what you do being new parents. When we had Reese the frequency was every 6 months. With the boys we finally took a family photo and their first professional photo and it took only 8 months but when you get to your 3rd and 4th child you just don’t have time. It was pretty tough getting these photos – pure torture actually. Reese was our problem child. She didn’t want to sit still, wouldn’t give up the props to get the pictures and refused to sit in our laps for the family photo. We were lucky to get the photos we did of her but all in all they turned out good. Next photo shoot of all the kids? Probably when they are 16 and will hopefully listen.








Boys 9 month well check-up

A true miracle… Chance weighs more than Colin! I still can’t believe I was so worried about him and his weight. Chance is now 16 lbs 13 oz and Colin is 16 lbs 11 oz. It’s only 2 oz but in an infant it’s a lot! The boys are finally on the charts – very low percentiles- but still on the charts. I think I mentioned a while back they had head ultrasounds because the doctor couldn’t believe how big their heads were. All was fine but the funny thing is their heads are so big they are in the 96% percentile for head circumference. I don’t beat myself up anymore if they don’t finish a bottle, don’t finish food etc. Speaking of food, Chance has not met a food (baby food) he doesn’t like. He opens his mouth like a little bird. Colin pretty much likes everything too except squash – heck I don’t like it either. They have been working on eating some table food themselves, picking up the food, trying to eat it, smashing it in their hair etc. The boys are just about sitting up now. As far as milestones the boys are pretty much hitting them at their corrected age of 7 months. Doctor didn’t seem worried at all. Karl and I have been keeping close tabs on them as well since we have been down that road and know what to look for. Colin is a bit stronger than Chance and is pretty much sitting on his own and rolling over both ways. . Chance needs a little bit of help sitting but is doing well too and rolling both ways as well. My boys have certainly come a long way. Still can’t believe they are 9 months old.


Jamaica here we come!

Karl and I decided that this year we are not going to the beach with the kids. 2 reasons… number 1 – It will take us 2 days to go 7 hours due to stopping to feed the boys (yeah, I know I have my handy dandy bottle props but we will still need to stop a lot and number 2 – babies on the beach in the sand is not fun. Been there done that and never again. We will resume our annual family beach vacation next summer when I can pass happy meals from the front seat to the back seats and everyone is facing forward (car seats not forward yet for the boys) to watch the DVD. So with that said Karl and I are going to an all inclusive, adults only to a Sandals resort in Jamaica for 6 days with our friends, Dave and Dee. I am sure you are wondering who is going to take care of our kids? That would be my mom, Vits and Karl’s mom. Yes, it will take all 3 of them. If we don’t do this now we may not have a chance for a long time. When we get back and while the grandparents are all here, the boys will get christened the weekend we come back.

Cinco de Mayo

Enough said…  Karl’s special margarita’s (some of you have had them and know they are delish and strong), quesadilla’s, guacamole and chips and then once again, we passed out….  These kids tire us out 🙂

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day was cancelled at our house. Karl was sick all day, poor thing. We were supposed to go to Unc’s for the day and swim but we had to cancel. We have postponed to later in May. I still can’t believe I am a mother of 4. Yes, it is a lot of work but all worth it. I am so thankful for my kids! I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning, taking care and playing with the kids and taking care of a sick husband.

Another year of school is over

Cannot believe it has been 9 months since school started. I know this because the boys are 9 months old and they arrived a week after school started. Riley has come a long way this year. He had such a great team of teachers and therapists that have helped him so much. He has so many more words (when he uses them and we have to coax him sometimes), knows his numbers, letters and colors. It is truly amazing to see how far he has come. Reese had a great first year of school (Mother’s Morning Out). She also has learned a lot and is speaking in clear sentences now. Riley has learned a lot from her too and almost tries to compete with her in a good way because he is copying her which is good.  Some pics from one of Riley’s end of the year parties.


Ahhhhh… Summer, but it didn’t start too well

Riley gets off the bus for his last day of school and he is wheezing really, really bad. I gave him one of his treatments but it helped for only an hour. I then gave him one of the boys treatments and it still didn’t help so off to the ER we went. After a 3 hour nebulizer treatment, we were admitted to the hospital at midnight.  I think his RAD (reactive airway disease – same thing the boys have) was aggravated that week because he was outside for field day, end of the year parties, hippotherapy, plus the grass pollen was pretty bad that week.  You are thinking, we will ever get a break? Well, no but that is ok because nothing phases me anymore. We must go with the flow over here and make the most of it as nothing is perfect as we have 4 kids under the age of 6. They released us at 4 pm the next day.  Riley is much better, thank goodness!

Our first pool experience with the Party of 6

The Party of 6 made it to the pool for the first time this year and it actually went very well!  We didn’t have any meltdowns, R & R listened well and the boys really enjoyed the water.  Karl called it:  He said that Chance would cry his first time in the pool and Colin would laugh and that is exactly what happened.  All in all it was a great experience!  A shout out to my friend Laura for helping us out with the kids!  Thank you again!


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  1. Fran, I\’m constantly amazing by y\’all. Everyone looks great…and I\’m just som impressed with you and your neverending great attitude! You\’re an inspiration!


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