Can’t we just fast forward to May?

I am so serious about skipping March and April to get to May. I am so over everyone being sick in our house. Yes, I am totally aware that 4 kids share the love of being sick at some point from October to April. Since October we have been at the pediatrician’s office once a week. I told our Docs that they should give out frequent flyer cards and frequent sick visit parking to the family with the most visits. Our family would totally win. Thank goodness our insurance is great because we would have a small fortune in co-pays if we didn’t.


Another trip to the ER

Every time the nurse comes to the house to give C & C their RSV shots there is an issue. The last couple of times the boys had fevers so I took them in and they had ear infections. This time Chance was wheezing badly. He had just gotten up from a nap and sounded horrible. Before I put him down, he was totally fine. Between the nurse at the house and calling our pediatrician they both decided that I needed to get into the car and head to the ER. We were there about 3 hours and Chance was sent home with a new medicine that we have to add to the nebulizer with the albuterol to administer 2x a day for him until this summer. Officially, all the Rissland kids have now been to the ER…

Colin & Chance

With all the ear infections, bronchillitis, and wheezing issues, both boys are doing well and growing daily. They are eating a ton, both formula and baby food. Chance (who I have always been concerned about with eating since he had the weak suck) loves all baby food. He has not tasted something he does not like. Colin, on the other hand is closed lipped with some of the flavors but for the most part enjoys eating. Chance is almost 13 lbs and Colin is almost 14 lbs. Karl and I were laughing the other day about how their legs are now hanging over the high chair seats. Just a couple of weeks ago they weren’t. It is unbelievable how far they have come. Thinking back to that crazy night/morning of when my water broke and my cord hanging out (if you haven’t heard the story, scroll down to the beginning) I cannot believe they are 6 months old. It has been challenging with 4 kids but very rewarding. It is going to be a lot of fun (and crazy) in our house when these little dudes are running around with Riley and Reese.


                       Chance                     Colin  


Riley love, love, loves school! He is doing well and we are so happy with all his teachers and therapists as they are such a great group! I have lost count on how many words Riley has now. Most are not ‘clear’ due to the syndrome but he is also apraxic but the inflection of the word is there and he says it with a sound.  For more information on Apraxia visit:  ( When we say words we are working on with Riley, he repeats them all with inflection. Reese says them too and it is funny to see Riley & Reese compete with ‘saying’ the words. Reese has been such a great role model for Riley. When I was prego with her, his therapists and doctors would tell me how she would help him and they were so right. C & C will be great role models for him as well. He totally loves on his little brothers and is the only one that can get them to belly laugh. The video below was posted on both mine and Karl’s Facebook pages. If you are not on Facebook, take a peak. It will certainly put a smile on your face. In addition to therapies at school (he does speech, physical and occupational) Riley also does these same therapies privately one time a week. Riley has been in therapy since he was 3 months old, however, we did not get a diagnosis for Cornelia de Lange Syndrome until he was 17 months old so thank goodness he was already doing therapy because it has certainly helped him. Riley also does Hippotherapy once a week. No, Hippotherapy is not with hippo’s. It is therapy on a horse. Riley has done this for over 3 years and I am convinced this is what made him walk. He really loves it and as soon as he comes off the horse, he does not stop babbling. The movement of the horse certainly ‘wakes’ his system up. As you can see, Riley’s ‘dance card’ is full but all these therapies are certainly paying off. I think Riley will be in therapy until he is 21 years old. I say this with a smile.


When people tell me I have my hands full they are of course referring to all 4 kids but let me tell you, that is not the case. I have my hands full with Reese. She is 2 going on 20. She is certainly exercising her terrible 2’s. We never had terrible 2’s with Riley so this is a whole new ballgame. She wants her way or else and can be high maintenance. I don’t know where she got that from because I am certainly NOT high maintenance – very far from it – from those who know me well. I may be stubborn (I’ll admit it) but not high maintenance. So we continue to deal with it and know this is typical of her age – we just never experienced it. But I guess we will be going through it one more time x 2 with the boys. She is finally coming around to playing with the boys and calling them by their names. It is so sweet the way she says their names and tries to figure out who is who. She has so many words and is stringing sentences together. It is so cute to hear her talk. We are still working on not using/wanting the pacifier.  She is to only have it for naps and bedtime and she is doing great.  When she wakes up in the morning or from a nap she tells me “Binky stays here” which means it stays on her dresser and she gladly puts it there.  Note: As you will notice below in one of the photos she does have it but it was because she was sick and I bent the rules…  I picked my battles that day and gave in.  It was either that or a sick screaming child.  But since she is better she is doing well once again. She loves her MMO (mothers morning out) programs and is doing well at both.


I took Reese to the Ringling Brothers Circus this month with the Hammack family. Riley was sick and had spiked a fever the night before so Karl stayed home with him and the boys and I took Reese. We had a great time but I don’t have any pictures to post from the event as we forgot to put the picture card into the camera. So much for bringing the camera with me….

Here are more photos of the family

       Karl + 4   Nanny Joan    


Until next time here is the link I mentioned above with Riley making Chance laugh.  Enjoy!

Riley Making Chance Laugh [HD]

One thought on “Can’t we just fast forward to May?

  1. Lovely family. I am Mickey Purcell\’s wife, Roxann\’s cousin from PR. Please ask her for the complete explanation. I met Karl and her sister on a trip the whole family made to PR to meet the family. (Long time ago). I enjoy following the progress the twins are making. I have 4 sons, 1 daughter. Ten grandchildren including twins, but a boy and a girl, age 5.


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