The Rissland Barf Bucket has made it’s 2010 debut

After my last post a lot of people asked me if I really had a ‘barf bucket’. Now would I make that up? Of course not. A photo is below. Don’t worry – it has been cleaned out for pictures. I had a feeling that when the kids went back to school after the holidays after being home 2 weeks that they would get sick AGAIN. I was unfortunately right. I am really beginning to hate when school starts because this means that at some point in our house someone will be sick and share the love with their brothers and sister. I am longing for spring/summer and it can’t get here soon enough…

Diapers and Formula – It never ends…

I often get asked how many diapers do you change in a day and how many feedings in one day? Here is your info:

Diapers for C&C:4-5 feedings per day – 2 diapers to change = 10 diapers per day = 70 week. This does not count blowouts in between so we can easily add at least 2 more per day.

Diapers/Pull ups for R&R:We have started to potty train Reese so hopefully ( I am hopeful) she will catch on quick. But that means we go from diapers to pull ups but hopefully we won’t be in those long. Now Riley is a different story. He is, let’s say, close some days and others not so much. He is only in pull ups now so we have come a long way. Since he is delayed in some areas this is one of them. I know he can do it and will. It will just take a bit more time and we just need to be patient. I am told potty training comes with speech. He does have words and communicates pretty well but we still have some issues here. Riley has certainly taught me to be patient. Disabilities aside, he is a smart little kid and I have total confidence in my little guy. So Reese, about 4 diapers/day and Riley, about 2-3 pull-ups/day.  Karl and I are going to have a big party once everyone is out of diapers. That is probably about 3 years away but we are still having a party.

FormulaThe boys eat 4- 5 times per day anywhere from 6 – 7 oz per bottle. Pretty good for preemies! They are on a preemie formula called Similac Neosure. They will probably be on this formula until they are 21… hee hee, only joking. I am hopeful that once their weights are close to a full term baby that is on the charts the doc will have us switch and I can buy it in larger containers from Costco . Neosure is not cheap. It only comes in small canisters and is sometimes not easy to find but I order it by the case from I don’t know what I would do without Best thing ever! And they deliver for FREE within 2 days. I go through a canister every day and will probably continue that frequency for a very long time. The boys just started to eat baby food but we just started and I cannot tell you how much they will go through yet, but that is for another post.

Here are some random photos taken in the last month of the kids.

Riley’s 6th Birthday

We cannot believe that Riley is 6 years old!  He had such a great birthday with several celebrations. Here are some photos of his special day!

Snow Day…. In Georgia????Yes, Atlanta was blanketed with 3 inches of snow yesterday (February 12th) afternoon. I will say it was beautiful, but only until this morning because as it melts it’s slushy and ugly. I left the frozen tundra (Ohio) to get away from this, but at least it only happens here once a year. Karl misses the snow but I don’t. I will take the hot weather any day. The kids thoroughly enjoyed. Here are some photo’s of the kids and the snow.

Annual CdLS 5K walk/runThe 6th annual Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Foundation 5K walk/run in Atlanta was today , Saturday, February 13 at 9 am in Decatur at Medlock Park, however, there was a snow delay to 12 noon. We did not make it as the roads were not good in our neighborhood to get out. We were bummed as this is the first race we have missed since Riley was diagnosed 5 years ago. Our friends Jen and Jim have been organizing and promoting this race for 6 years. For a syndrome so rare there are 50 families in GA. Some of us live near each other (wave to Jen and Suzanne). It is nice to have friends you can talk to that go through the same things you do. Even if you were here and not able to go or if you are out of state you can still donate as a phantom runner. Go to for more information. For more information on CdLS please visit You will be glad you visited as there is a plethora of information! Here are some photos of last years race. See how nice it was? But this year we get snow …..

I am back at it!I am happy to say that I am back to teaching group fitness again.  I am only teaching one class a week but at least it’s one class a week. It had been 8 long months since the doctor said ‘you are done with exercise for now’. I still couldn’t believe he was talking to me (at the time I was teaching 6 classes a week) but I understood and knew it wasn’t about me. I manage to work out just about every day doing something. We bought a recumbent bike and some weights when we found out we were having twins as I knew I would be homebound. Between that, videos, and my own workouts it’s not so bad working out at home. At least I don’t have to commute to the gym (I have more time for other things) but it’s nice to go when I can.

The Boys are getting out of the houseSo I finally did it….  started taking the boys out on small short trips.  I know I said not until April because that is what I was told but that was only because I am anal and when someone tells me to do something I do it but when it was mentioned to me (by a nurse friend) that ‘they already have been sick’ because Riley and Reese are bringing stuff home, it made sense that it is ok as long as you are not in large crowds and nobody touches them.  See the photo below of the sign that is on both our boys carriers.  If you ever see a sign like this on an infants carrier it really means to NOT TOUCH THEIR HANDS! You would not believe how many people cannot read.  Now of course I don’t go to the mall on a Saturday afternoon but went to the mall in the middle of the week before it even opened for business with another friend of mine that has twins and we walked the mall. I cannot tell you how good that felt and for 2 reasons:  1. It was good to get out and visit with a friend 2. And  I got some exercise walking the mall for an hour. Pushing a double snap and go stroller is tough work. I think I going to make that a weekly thing until April/May when the weather is warmer, cold/flu/RSV season is over and we can walk outside and can finally go to the gym’s kids club with the boys. That is probably the worst place they can go right now.

I will leave you with this photo until my next post…

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