Rissland – Party of 6, Your Table is Ready….

That is what the Rissland’s will be hearing anytime we go out to eat in the future…  but not the near future as eating out with R&R and twins is not an easy thing right now.

Greetings Everyone!   It has been 8 weeks that the boys have been home and let me tell you it has been a bit interesting.  Karl is back at work and I had 2 weeks on my own, well kind of on my own, nanny Joan is a lifesaver and has been helped me out those 2 weeks before Karl’s mom arrived and did I need the help!  Since I cannot take the boys out, Nanny Joan has been helping with getting Reese to and from preschool and watching the boys while I take Riley for his therapies.  All has worked out and we are making it work.  I cannot tell you how quickly the days go by.  There is time for well, not a whole lot, but I fit in things while the boys are sleeping.  What you may ask ‘things’ do I get done in between feedings before R&R get home from school?  Here is a typical day in the life of twins + 2…..  washing bottles, making bottles, re-stocking diaper changing areas, straightening rooms (R&R), doing laundry, folding laundry, putting laundry away, working out (most days I get it in believe it or not), making dinner, etc….. Yes, it is quite a list but I like to keep moving (yes, I am nuts)  Ok, enough of that, lets get to the fun over here…  The fun is having 4 kids under the age of 6 running around the Rissland house.  Well, only 2 are running right now but Karl and I giggle about how fun and how much louder it will be when C&C are running around the house.

How many times in one day can I say ‘NO’ to Riley and Reese?  It is pretty funny at times but at other times it’s not.  R&R are doing very well and adjusting with the twins.  Riley loves to caress their heads and smile at them and Reese, well, she loves to scream ‘baby’ with a smile and steal their bottles running around the house saying ‘baby wa wa’….  She wants nothing to do with them.  Thank goodness Riley and Reese are both in school right now and I only have the twins to take care of during the day but as soon as 3 pm rolls around all hell breaks loose 🙂 That is the time of day that it gets interesting… when it’s time to get another feeding in and run around after Riley and Reese telling them NO a bazillion times!  But we have fun while the boys are sleeping until dinner.  About dinner….   My neighbors and friends have been amazing!  For 6 weeks, they have helped out with meals.  Yes, I actually have been letting people help me.  I am learning to let go of my “You have to do everything yourself” attitude.

We cannot take the boys out of the house for a very long time, except for the doctor.  The NICU (love them all) put the fear of death in us telling us not to bring them anywhere until at least April for 2 reasons:  The horrible flu that is going around right now and then when flu season is over RSV season starts. RSV is a respiratory virus that is very common in preemies and infants that could hospitalize them.  The boys will be getting RSV injections by a nurse that will be coming to our house to administer them. Even though we cannot take them out we did take them to the pumpkin patch in October because it was ‘outside’ and we didn’t think that would do any harm.  It didn’t, they actually slept the whole time.  It was a big effort getting everyone ready and everything that goes with everyone into the car but we did it! A friend of mine told me that where ever I go to tack on an additional 30 minutes to my time because I will get stopped constantly due to people asking “Are those twins? How old are they? Oh they are so cute!” and she was right!  I cannot tell you how many people approached us.  Geez! but I was happy to answer any questions,  but I guess that will get old.  Oh and if one more person tells me “You must have your hands full" after I tell them I have 2 older children….  For the record,  I KNOW THAT MY HANDS ARE FULL DAILY!  AND IF YOU ‘DON’T WANT YOUR HANDS FULL’ AND NEED BIRTH CONTROL COME TO MY HOUSE FOR ONE DAY……  Ok, I am off my soap box…  Now here are some photos from the pumpkin patch.









Microsoft holds a Halloween party every year for the kids.  We attended with Riley and Reese while the boys were home with nanny Joan and nanny Jacoba.  They had a great time wearing their costumes and trick or treating through the cubicles at Microsoft.  Riley was ‘Woody’ from Toy Story and Reese was ‘Jessie’ from Toy Story.  I figured I would get one more ‘together’ themed costume in because I am sure Reese will be telling me what she wants to be next year.





Enough said…..



Halloween is always a fun time at our house and I can’t even imagine how much fun it will be in the future.  Karl Sr. and Margarita came to visit us for the weekend and we had a great time despite the rain.  Thank goodness it slowed down to a drizzle for the actual trick or treating. Our subdivision has a pre-Halloween party with the kids before trick or treating starts.  Here is a pic of Karl Sr. with R & R and a pic of all the cute kids in the neighborhood.








SOME THINGS TO TAKE NOTE OF IN THESE PHOTOS (Yes, of course I am the only one that would notice these things): 

1. Looks like Riley walked in the front yard without his shoes – note the dirty socks

2. Why is Colin missing a sock?

3. Riley and Reese fighting over a Halloween mask

NOT PICTURED:  Karl and Fran’s Martini’s to get through the photo shoot



3 thoughts on “Rissland – Party of 6, Your Table is Ready….

  1. Fran and Karl, Thanks so much for sharing this adventure with us! Your family is beautiful! Bob and I are trying to figure out how you have time to keep this blog!! ( But, we are appreciative, because it is fun to see how you are all doing) Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!! Love, Bob, Gina and Gang!


  2. Thank You sooooo! much for sharing Fran I truly get to see the journey that you guys went thru and how the love pulled each and everyone of you through it all! Love you all very much! And I’m so happy to still call you ” Super Woman” bcuz you are the glue to hold it tight hon! And Karl is just awesome keeping his kewl Love You! Peace!


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