Seriously? They are ready to come home next week?

So here we are at week 5 and the Doc says they will be ready to go home next week! Yikes and Yea but more Yikes!  I feel pretty confident but all these things go through your mind about how it is all going to play out.  It’s funny how I have my own ‘way’ of how things will play out and Karl has his own ‘way’ of how they will play out.   The wonderful nurses (whom I am going to miss dearly) have the boys on a pretty good 4 hour (yea!) schedule:  9a, 1p, 5p, 9p, 1a, and 5a.  One twin eats on the hour and the other eats on the 1/2.  That should work (for now) when they get home and then we will need to tweak it to our families schedule.  Chance’s infection is getting better this week and he is slowly getting back to sucking down bottles but will need more time to perfect it.  He had an MRI of the chin area that had the infection just to make sure it was nothing else.  The MRI came back negative and all is well 🙂   Colin?  Well he has been perfecting his suck, swallow and breathe while his big brother (Chance was born 1 minute before) was recuperating. 

One of the things that is highly recommended before taking home preemie twins from the hospital is a ‘sleep in’.  There is a ‘hotel’ room on the other side of the NICU that the parents stay in overnight with the babies to make sure that we are comfortable handling both babies.   Unc and David stayed the night with R&R while Karl and I slept (if you could call it that) at the hospital.   I need to back up several hours before we slept at the hospital to talk about the ‘monitors’.  Both C&C will be coming home on monitors.  The monitors are for heart rate and apnea.  It was suggested that Colin go home on one but we decided that we both wanted them to have them for ‘Peace of Mind’.  Earlier that afternoon we had to meet up with a respiratory therapist to show us how to use the monitors so we could use them that night and get used to them.   We arrived at the NICU that evening around 9 pm.  After getting organized and putting the monitors on C&C we decided we had better sleep before the next feeding at 1am.  The 1 am feeding went pretty well and Karl and I worked well juggling both the boys 🙂 The monitors kept going off (we were told this would happen) but most were due to loose wires or the belt not being tight enough around their chest.  It was kind of annoying since they were false alarms but as I said this is for ‘Peace of Mind’ 🙂   Let me tell you how LOUD those monitors are…..  sounds like a truck that is backing up but 5x louder!  We hope that R&R don’t wake up due to monitors.  We will have to turn their sound machines up much louder.   Since they are still learning to bottle feed (though doing pretty well) it takes about 1 hour to do both boys once you have changed both diapers, get bottles ready, feed, burp, feed, burp etc. and get them back to sleep.  The 5 am feeding started at 4:30 am.  Chance woke up crying wanting to eat sooner.  That feeding went on until 6 am.   After we put them back to sleep we slept another 2 hours and headed out around 8:30 am. Now we are concerned about the monitors due to all the false alarms… will this drive us nuts?????? 

Chance and Colin are scheduled to come home in the afternoon on Tuesday, September 29th and we are ready for them.  The only thing left to do is the circumcision which was scheduled  first thing Tuesday morning.  We received a call that morning saying that the Doc could not do it until after 6 pm.  Would you want to bring two babies home right after a surgery like that?  Not me or Karl, so we decided to wait until the next morning that way the nurses could monitor them over night and make sure their weenie whacking went  well.  Oh and let me note that the nurses decided to use the monitors that would going home with us for 24 hours due to the issues we kept having the night we stayed there.  They figured out that our power cords were not good.  They switched them out and they had NO issues!!!!! Yea!   So the big day is Wednesday, September 30th….  one more night of sleep!

Wednesday morning, September 30th, Karl and I take Reese to preschool and have breakfast by ourselves… the last ‘supper’ for a LONG Time.  We then head for the hospital to pick up our precious boys.


Last Day in their NICU Terrarium – aka NICU Cribs


Twin Family Photo

Chance with Karl, Colin with Fran



Double Snap N Go Stroller – I thought I would never own one of these 🙂

Fast forward to today…  Wednesday, October 5, 2009.  Boys have been home 1 week and lets just say…  it has been an experience x2! We are getting into the groove of handling them plus Riley and Reese.  We have our ups and downs trying to figure it all out and realize we have a lot of changes ahead but nothing is set in stone, right?  For example, we are already off the NICU feeding schedule and tweaked it more towards our family schedule.  Karl is off for a month of infant care leave.  Isn’t that wonderful?  I cannot tell you how wonderful it is.   He has been such a great help. He really is a great hands on Dad!  I don’t know what I would do without him.  I also want to say how grateful I am of my wonderful sister-in-law, Erin.  She has been such a great help this last week stepping in at the last minute when we needed some help as I had to take Chance back to the NICU within 24 hours because he was not eating well for me at all.  So I went back for them to check him out and for more experience with the nurses feeding him.  He has a very weak suck due to that infection he had.  I have been there done that with Riley as he was a preemie but that was a totally different situation due to his syndrome. I know how to feed a preemie but we wanted to make sure Chance was ok and there were not other issues with his throat.  He is just a slow eater that needs a bit of extra time and encouragement 🙂   I also want to acknowledge my wonderful neighbor and soon to be ‘Nanny’ Joan.  She helped us out that day as well getting Riley to therapy since I had to get Chance back to the NICU and Karl had stay with the boys and Reese.  Thanks Erin and Joan –you ladies are the best!

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