NICU Week 3

The boys have had a great week!  They are now in the same room but still separate isolettes, gaining weight, are now 3 weeks old and I was able to hold them at the same time.  My friend Cindy visited the boys with me this week.   She was my paparazzi for the morning and took several photos.  The doctor says that now the boys may be home by September 30th which is a week sooner than they projected due to them doing so well.    We have another short list of things we want to get done before they come so we better get a move on that list since the release date is now sooner.

I want to make something totally clear….  I have had lots of folks ask me “Why aren’t the boys at Northside?”  Well, for one, my wonderful OB/GYN decided that I would not have made it and thank goodness she made that decision because Chance may not have made it, and, two, let me tell you how wonderful the staff is at Emory Johns Creek Hospital.  These kids are so well taken care of.  The nurses are so loving and their NICU is a wonderful place. Yes, it is much smaller than Northside but at this point I would not want them anywhere else. I will put it to you this way… I will probably cry once they are released and WILL stay in touch with the nurses since we have gotten to know them so well.  If I miss a day of visiting (and I don’t miss many days even with having 2 other children) I know they are in the best care.

Saturday was our neighborhoods annual end of the year pool party.  It was a lot of fun.  Our party organizers, Linda and Raine, did a fabulous job!  The kids had a fabulous time..  They were worn out when they got home which was the goal.  We live in the best neighborhood in the world.  Everyone wants to help us out with whatever we need and the outreach from the neighborhood has been unbelievable.  I can’t tell you how lucky we are.  We don’t need any help right now, but may take up a few offers once the boys come home.   Oh my goodness, I said it….  that I would take up a few offers of help…  I don’t like to ask for help as I like to do it all myself, but I have promise, (and I don’t like to break promises) a couple of friends that I would ask for help… yikes, I said it again….   ok, ok, I will …….

Here are more pictures….  the only thing I can tell you is Colin is on the left and Chance is on the right.  The only reason I know this is because that is how they were handed to me and their isolettes are to the right and left of the glider and their names are on their isolettes 🙂 I am in trouble as the only way I can tell right now who is who is that Chance has a chubbier face.  I will need to crack out the nail polish when they come home to ‘mark’ them 🙂

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