Chance and Colin Update, Fun times with R&R, and Labor Day Weekend

September 2nd

I had my 2 week post surgery appt today.  All looks good. Of course I asked, ‘When can I start working out again’?  My answer was (and I knew it would be) no treadmill, elliptical, biking (any kind), classes etc.  I can only walk.  Ok, I knew this but still had to ask.  So I can at least walk – that’s not so bad.  At least it will get me started.  I will tell ya, even though there is no breastfeeding going on since the boys are in the NICU,  the pumping took 20 lbs off in 2 weeks! Still have 15 more to go…. I know, I know, it’s only been 2 weeks…  as they say 9 months up (in my case 7.5 months) and 1 year to go back down. Hopefully it won’t be that long.  After my doc visit I went to visit the boys for a while.  I brought them some preemie clothes as they will start dressing them now. The boys looked good.  Colin has put that weight back on.  They think the weight loss is because they used a different scale.  Colin is officially off his IV!  Yea!  This is great news!  I am told that Chance will be done with his PICC line on TH.  My fingers are crossed!

                 Colin                Chance

September 3rd

I took my folks and Erin today to visit the boys. The PICC line is gone!  No more IV in Colin and no more PICC line in Chance!  The only ‘stuff’ they are hooked to are feeding tubes and vital monitors.  This is great news for 32 weekers.

                    Chance                Colin


September 4th

My folks left today.  They were really a big help to us while they were here helping with R&R while I was recovering.  I couldn’t really lift the kids, though I did – sshh…  don’t tell anyone!  Karl and I will now have to visit the boys separately now.  It will be nice to be just us for a while and to get more things done before the boys come home.  Karl visited the boys for a while at lunch time and I spent about 2 hours later in the day. I held both of them while they were feeding 🙂

Chance Colin

September 5th

We bought R&R a Mega Bouncer today.  We call it a ‘jumpy thing’.  They had a ball!  Our friends Carly, Adam and their son Shane came over for dinner.  The kids wore themselves out on the ‘jumpy thing’.  Needless to say, baths were quick and off to sleep they went without any hassle.  Karl took Riley to visit Chance and Colin this afternoon for a short time.  They were doing well!



September 6th

I visited the boys today. Colin is 3 lbs 2 oz and Chance is 3 lbs 6 oz 🙂  I held Colin during his feeding.  Chance was sound asleep and I hope to hold him tomorrow.  Look, Erin!  They are using your knitted blankets!

                          Colin                            Chance

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