Another Visit

Visited the boys this afternoon but didn’t get to hold anyone 😦  According to the night nurses Colin actually lost weight last night, like almost 4 oz????  He did have 2 very large poops (I know because I changed one of them) which could have been the reason.  The neonatologist wasn’t too concerned.  They will weigh again tonight and let us know. They go by an average and determine at that point.  Due to the weight loss they decided not to take him out.  Chance was doing well but he had been up ALL day which is odd for a 32 weeker (did I say 32 weeks? I can’t believe they are already 2 weeks old!)  Usually they see this (staying awake) for a 33 or 34 weeker.  Nothing to be alarmed about… He is like me, doesn’t want to miss anything and wants to be in the know!  He was dozing off when we arrived so we let him sleep.  Oh, and they did great breathing on their own last night!



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