Good Times…. and Bad

Hello Everyone, Welcome to week 4. Some of you asked and commented on my Facebook page regarding my post last Sunday. I posted that “Life is a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs”.  Well now I will tell you why I posted that comment…. We received a call from the NICU last Sunday to let [...]

NICU Week 3

The boys have had a great week!  They are now in the same room but still separate isolettes, gaining weight, are now 3 weeks old and I was able to hold them at the same time.  My friend Cindy visited the boys with me this week.   She was my paparazzi for the morning and took [...]

Chance and Colin Update, Fun times with R&R, and Labor Day Weekend

September 2nd I had my 2 week post surgery appt today.  All looks good. Of course I asked, ‘When can I start working out again’?  My answer was (and I knew it would be) no treadmill, elliptical, biking (any kind), classes etc.  I can only walk.  Ok, I knew this but still had to ask.  [...]

Another Visit

Visited the boys this afternoon but didn't get to hold anyone 😦  According to the night nurses Colin actually lost weight last night, like almost 4 oz????  He did have 2 very large poops (I know because I changed one of them) which could have been the reason.  The neonatologist wasn't too concerned.  They will [...]